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Dear Sirs!

If you are going to send your Lady a package-present and don't want her to have problems with the receiving of your gift here in Ukraine:

  • estimate the package at not more than 100 Euro . If your package is estimated by you in the custom declaration at more than 100 Euro, then your Lady will need to pay the taxes for the surplus value of the package and customs duties to be able to receive this package. She will need to pay in the whole 30% from the sum of estimation. Your Lady will not be very happy if she needs to pay for the gift that you give her;
  • in order not to lose your gift on the way (at the post office or custom house), you should make a short description of contents of the package in the customs declaration;
  • necessarily get in touch with us and consult with us in any individual case while sending the package to Ukraine to your Lady.

The ignorance of laws doesn't relieve anybody of responsibility.

What to do if you have lost your luggage while your flight?

  1. Find at the airport office that deals with the search of luggage - Lost&found office.
  2. Write the request to the airline and don't forget to write the number of luggage label describing in details the appearance of your luggage.
  3. The search of luggage lasts about 3 weeks (according to the statistics, the half of all the lost suitcases are found in first two days).
  4. If the luggage is found, the airline should deliver it to your address FREE OF CHARGE.
  5. If your suitcase is not found, the airline will pay you out the compensation 20 Europer 1kg of weight.
  6. If you stay in a foreign country without your luggage, the airline must give you the set of necessities.
  7. If your luggage is not found within 3 days or more you can apply to the representative office of the airline for the receipt for purchasing clothes. Lots of airlines give such a receipt, but not very willingly. That's why you need to show your persistence.

Individual Advice!

Never register your passport, money, expensive jewelry and technical equipment as computer, video camera, photo camera, and also sealed boxes with perfumes and cosmetics, and also alcohol drinks together with the luggage. Always take valuable things with you to the salon.


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