Dear sir!

If you found Lady of your dreams on our web-site and wish to visit her, we will organize your arrival to Ukraine to Vinnitsa with great pleasure, so that your stay in Ukraine would be unforgettable for you.

I. Visa support

If you have some problems with opening visa for Ukraine, we can make you a touristic invitation during a day (cost 50 Euro ) and send it to you by fax, given by you, e-mail or by ordinary mail or to fax of Ukrainian Embassy in your country. With the help of this touristic invitation you will be able to open visa to Ukraine quickly.

Scan and send us copy of your passport and the following information, so that we could make you invitation:
  1. Full name, surname and middle name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Number of passport
  4. Citizenship
  5. Place of living (full address)
  6. Date of your arrival, date of your departure

II.Taxi Service

We propose you our taxi service. If you take our taxi, Lady you correspond with, will be able to go to meet you to the airport Borispol. Our taxi driver together with our skilled interpreter-guide and your Lady will meet you in the airport, pick you up from the airport Borispol in Kiev and bring you to Vinnitsa, which will cost you 150 Euro (0, 5 Euro ) per 1 km, Vinnitsa is 300 km far from Borispol. Interpreter-guide's service is 40 Euro . The service of the taxi-driver and interpreter-guide is paid for in advance. Way from Borispol to Vinnitsa and back -(300 Euro together). The driver will be also responsible for your security during your trip from the airport to Vinnitsa. Our taxi driver Yuriy is an experienced driver, his length of driving is more than 10 years. This information can be read on our web-site, section "About us".

III. Apartments

Our taxi will bring you from the airport to our comfortable apartments. Cost of one-room Lux apartment is 30 Euro per day (big room with a balcony, corridor, bathroom, kitchen). There is everything in the flat necessary for your long term of stay in Ukraine: new pieces of furniture, telephone, satellite dish television, video, tape-recorder, fridge, dishes, gas-stove etc.

One-room flat. (click here)

Cost of two-room Lux apartment is 50 Euro (big living-room with the balcony, cosy bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, corridor). New flat is furnished with new furniture, telephone, TV-set with satellite dish, video, tape-recorder, fridge, dishes, gas-stove, boiler etc.). This sum includes foodstuffs (you can choose according to your wish and order beforehand) for 3 days. Cost is 5 Euro per day.

Two-room flat. (click here)

All our flats are new, very comfortable and are in the centre of the city, near the trade centres, banks and restaurants.

IV. Interpreter service

To your service for time of your stay in our city on your request we can provide you with the service of the skilled interpreter - 6 Euro per hour. You can see our interpreters on our web-site, section "About Us". Ladies ask us to give them interpreter themselves. They worry that the first hours of communication will be the most difficult hours, they feel nervous so much that even can forget English or wouldn't know what to say. Interpreter will be a great help for your lady and for you. Interpreter will remove all angles from your conversation and make it smooth.

V. Organization of excursions

Your visit of your lady in Ukraine will be much more magnificent and unforgettable for you, if you take our service concerning organization of excursions to fairy places of Ukraine. On your request we can organize you some excursions round Vinnitsa, to Kamyanets-Podolskiy, Kiev, Lviv, Uman, Odessa.

(click photo)


(click photo)
  • Pochaev Lavra is situated in the west of Ukraine on high rocky mountain that is towering over the surrounding 25 meters high. Cost of excursion is 300 Euro : (service of the taxi-driver 240 Euro + service of interpreter 60 Euro . The first historical data about Lavra goes to 13th century, time when Tatar khan Batiy came to Kiev Rus. After Kiev and some of its sacred places were destroyed some Orthodox monks of Kiev caves escaped to the west and settled near Pochaev mountain. The founder of one of the greatest sacred places in Ukraine on Pochaev mountain was Saint Mephodiy.


(click photo)
  • Our agency proposes exclusive excursion to exclusive clients - to Odessa. Cost is 350 Euro : (service of the taxi-driver 270 Euro -the distance from Vinnitsa to Odessa is about 500km + service of the interpreter-guide 80 Euro . Length of the excursion is 16 hours. We will show you all the beauty of young and ancient Odessa:walk at historical places, centre, visit of the seaside, sea evening port and other interesting places.

Potemkin staircase, 1837-1842(click here)

  • We also propose you no less interesting excursion to a large European city that is integral and determinative part of Ukraine's contemporary image. Lviv conserved structures of different historical epochs (XVII-beginning XX cent), difference of styles, influence of different cultures and nations. The city received UNESCO World Heritage designation. Its small narrow streets, ancient street lights, signs, statues and buildings make you leave civilization and speak to history. Cost of excursion 280 Euro : service of the taxi-driver 210 Euro - the distance from Vinnitsa to Lviv is about 360 km + service of the interpreter-guide 70 Euro . Length of the excursion is 14 hours.

Latin Metropolitan Cathedral(click here)

  • On your request if you like to stay in our city for a couple of days and to bring more romance to your communication with your lady, we will organize excursions to any corner of Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa region and Ukraine. We can also organize you and your lady a picnic in the most picturesque places in the countryside.

VI. gifts and flowers

As a Lady I can give you a piece of advice. If man of our country wants to bring the Lady closer to him he presents the lady with flowers. Give roses to the lady of your heart before your arrival to her and in such a way you will make one more step in your relations. She will appreciate this gesture of yours high and you will be one step closer. On your behalf we shall present her with beautiful roses or orchids from Holland - 5 Euro per each rose and 6 Euro per each orchid + 10 Euro for delivery. We have a nice tradition in our country- man presents his beloved lady with such an amount of flowers that coincides with her age. Also on your request you can choose and order any other present from our web-site, section "Gifts for your lady".

VII. Additional service

If you decided to come to our agency but have not chosen Lady of your heart, we will get pleasure working with you in our agency, here in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Our personal service (consultation) in our office costs Euro 25 . You pay this sum once for the whole period of your stay in our agency. Here in our agency you can look through all our latest catalogues with original photos (more than 1000) and compare folios of the ladies with Your imaginative partner. It will cost you Euro 50. A personal contact with every lady that you like is Euro 25. More then 5 personal contacts - the costs of each is Euro 20. All ladies you can see on our web-site live in Vinnitsa and in Vinnitsa region, thus it will not be difficult for us to organize you some meetings with ladies during one day. If lady doesn't speak foreign language, there's an interpreter's assistance available - Euro 6per 1 hour.

Hope you got interested in our proposal and you decide to take our service. Wait for you coming to our city and our agency.

Foreigners who come to our agency prefer paying for apartment, taxi service, interpreter service and excursions in advance. Thus, they donТt have to bring much cash with them. According to the declaration rules, foreigners can bring 1000 Euro maximum without declaration through the Ukrainian customs. If you want to bring over 1000 Euro by cash, you will have to declare them at the Ukrainian customs at the airport Borispol.

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With best regards agency ''Jana''


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