1. for Foreign Men

If you have some problems with opening visa for Ukraine, we can make you a touristic invitation during a day(cost 50 Euro )and send it to you by fax, given by you, e-mail or by ordinary mail or to fax of Ukrainian Embassy in your country. With the help of this touristic invitation you will be able to open visa to Ukraine quickly. Scan and send us copy of your passport and the following information, so that we could make you invitation:

  • Full name, surname and middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Number of passport
  • Citizenship
  • Place of living (full address)
  • Date of your arrival, date of your departure

for Ukrainian Ladies

After you have visited our agency and found the lady of your dreams, you would like to invite her for a visit to your country. If for some reason, you have no possibility to come to visit her yourself, we would like to offer you our help with the organization of documents: application for visa for her and organization of her trip to you, booking and purchasing of airplane tickets for her, arranging the insurance and other necessary documents for applying for visa to your country. About the list of all the necessary documents from you we will inform you by personal correspondence, as the rules at the consulate may change from time to time, or depending on a country, where you invite your lady. We will accompany your lady to the consulate to apply for visa and go through the process of interview and also to pick up the documents together with the visa. The cost of this kind of service is 500 Euro, (this price includes the transportation of your lady 2 times to Kiev by the taxi of our agency). Or 300 Euro, in case your lady goes to Kiev by train together with the representative of our agency.

We will also drive your lady from Vinnitsa to the airport Borispol, when she goes to your country and pick her up after she comes back to Ukraine. The cost of the taxi service both ways is 300 Euro .

This service is offered in case, you would like to invite your lady to one of the European countries. As to the USA the lady can come only on a KEV-1 visa (fiancee visa).

In case, your lady has no international passport, we can arrange an international passport for your lady in a short period of time.
The price of this service is:
- within 1 month - 100 Euro
- within 1 week - 200 Euro

If you cannot invite the lady to your country, and cannot come to Ukraine, for some serious reason, we can help with the organization of her trip to any third country, where she can get her visa easily. The terms and the prices shall be discussed individually.

You are always welcome and we will be glad to offer you our help in every special case. You can rely on us, as we have a great experience in this sphere of activity.

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